Craft tutorials for LARP made by Daisy, with help from Jude (who can actually sew).

Simple tutorials for beginners

Some of these tutorials were written years ago and I feel that the quality of larp props might have moved on  a bit since then... still, here they are for noobs.

Better stuff

Big scary projects

High Quality Costume Tutorials by Jude


Odyssey £30 Kit Challenge
Keeping warm at Odyssey

  Odyssey art resources

Other useful stuff

  • Fake blood reviews - a fantastic and frank discussion of the merits of different fake blood types by a mystery guest writer.
  • Bias Tape - a link so useful, it's in the contents list twice!


Can I pay Jude to make me some kit?

Yes you can. She only makes things that are 'interesting' and likes to work to a high standard using good materials, so don't expect it to be cheap. It will be great though.

Email this site (see below for address) or speak to one of us face-to-face or if you know Daisy through teh Empire forums or facebook or something, I'll pass the message on.

Can I pay Daisy to paint me a banner?

Yes you can. It's cheaper to make your own though.

Can I pay Daisy to make me some cheap kit?

No. I can't be bothered.

Can I add a FAQ or send you some feedback?

Alright then. Yes. See the domain name for this page above? Get rid of the http stuff and after the word tutorials replace the dot with an @ sign. That's the email you should use. It should end at the uk, no backslash! Don't use it for anything not related to this site please.

Can I buy you a pint for being so helpful?

Why yes, yes you can. Glad you liked the tutorials.