This is not how you really do a toga. Many fine online sources will tell you how to do a toga. This is for a drapey over-garment that you can wear over a thin toga, T-tunic, or robe.


  • Your height minus 6inches of fabric. We used cotton moleskin which is warm and cosy, if a bit bulky. We recommend a light wool or felt. Don't get blanket-thickness or it will be too bulky.
  • 3m of cord
  • Thread

Cut your fabric in half down the vertical so that you have two pieces like the one shown on the left.

Sew these two pieces end-to-end (put them right side to right side before you sew the seam) so that you end up with one long thin piece.

At the other end, you're going to complete the tube (right side of fabric should still be on the inside) except don't sew all the way along the seam, leave a gap of 6-8" which will fit your upper arm through.

Hem the edges of the armhole.

Hem all the rough edges (the vertical edges of the tube).

Turn it the right way out.

Put it over one shoulder and poke your arm through the hole. Feeling senatorial yet?

But wait! You don't need to poke your arm through the hole. For extra warmth, leave your arm inside!

Wearing it with a belt is a bit more practical and will help the shoulder stay on. You might want to pin it to your shoulder with a brooch.

To develop this design, we added cords to help gather the material.

Turn your tube inside out again.

At the other end of the tube from the end with your armhole in it, place a length of cord along the width of the tube. Stitch it in place at one end. Making sure you don't catch the cord in the seam, carefully sew a channel across the whole width. Tie a knot in the loose end of the cord big enough that it can't disappear back down the tunnel you've sewn.

Repeat this immediately underneath with a second cord and channel, this one secured at the opposite end.

Turn the tube the right way out again.

Now you'll have a loose string at each end... give 'em a tug....

And your toga will gather neatly together!

Tie the cords neatly out of sight on the inside of the tube.

Wear this gathered part over your shoulder. Your arm hole will be invisible at your feet.